Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Long Journey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A Long Journey - Essay Example Auster differs from Nathaniel in one aspect, he find himself in a state of oscillation, moves from one place to another and talks with his friends on different things about his father, recollecting those limited moments which he had spent with his father. His talking style also switches from one point to other. This may also be due to the sudden death of his father. As far as the fact is concerned Auster’s father was not a sick person, but he suspects that the reason could be the reflection of his maternal grandfather’s murder. The flash back shows some violence that had happened in his family.His search relies on finding a father from the memories of his childhood days spent with him. He goes to the house where his father lived and finds out the old photos. Auster is reminded of those days through that photo, where he stands along with his father. His search is not only to find out his father but he wants to get a clear notion of father and son relationship. In pursuit of his father he sees his inside. The following comment would help in understanding the search of Auster â€Å"A sense of deep meaning and self-determination† [1]says the review regarding The portrait of an Invisible Man. Though some critics comment as Auster has lost his continuity.†Auster seems to have lost his sense of continuity†[Review Summary]. As it is very clear that Auster cannot find his father flesh and blood and more over his sanity teaches him the reality Auster considers his father as an invisible man. When he starts recollecting he feels his father’s presence, when the death news rules over him he realizes he cannot come back. Here lies the theme that his father is an invisible man. Nathaniel’s father dies leaving alone his two families and a eleven year old son, who in none but Nathaniel himself. His search goes in terms of finding

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